Our Lady of Guadalupe - Guadalupe, Mexico (1531)


Patroness of the Americas

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Most historians agree that Juan Diego was born in 1474 in the calpulli or ward of Tlayacac in Cuauhtitlan, which was established in 1168 by Nahua tribesmen and conquered by the Aztec lord Axayacatl in 1467; and was located 20 kilometers (14 miles) north of Tenochtitlan (Mexico City).
His native name was Cuauhtlatoatzin, which could be translated as “One who talks like an eagle” or “eagle that talks”.

Between 1524 and 1525 he was converted and baptized, as well as his wife, receiving the Christian name of Juan Diego and her wife the name of Maria Lucia. He was probably baptized by the famous and loved Franciscan missionary Fray Toribio de Benavente, called “Motolinia”, or “the poor one”, by the Indians for his extreme kindness and piety.

 December 9, 1531 (Saturday). Early in the morning, Juan Diego, a Christian convert, is on his way to attend Mass two and a half miles away at Tlatelolco, once an Aztec center and the place where the final battle of the Spanish conquest had taken place just 10 years earlier. Suddenly, Juan hears beautiful music and a woman’s voice calling him to the top of Tepeyac Hill which he is just passing. At the top of the hill he sees a radiantly beautiful woman, who reveals that she is the Virgin Mary and instructs him to go to the bishop and tell him that a temple should be built in her honor at the bottom of the hill. Juan Diego goes immediately to Tlatelolco to the palace of Bishop Juan de Zumárraga, a Franciscan friar.

The bishop receives him kindly but, for the moment, is reluctant to believe Juan Diego’s story. And so a discouraged Juan Diego goes back to the top of Tepeyac Hill and admits his failure to the Virgin. The Lady directs him to go back to the bishop and repeat the request.

The incredulous Bishop demanded that he be provided with some proof of the unlikely encounter. Confused and fearful, Juan Diego avoided Tepeyac for several days, but on December 12, while rushing to find a priest to attend a seriously ill uncle, he took a short cut across the hill. The Virgin once again appeared and Juan Diego told her of the Bishop's request. The Virgin instructed him to pick roses from the usually sere and desolate hill and deliver them to Zumarraga as the sign. Juan Diego gathered up the miraculous blossoms in his mantle and hurried off to complete his mission.
Once again before the Bishop St. Juan Diego opened his tilma and several other witnesses, the roses fell to the floor and at the same time, the image of Our Lady appeared on the tilma. The Bishop fell to his knees, begging forgiveness for he had not believed. He took the tilma into his private chapel and placed it beside the Blessed Sacrament where he gave thanks and praise to the Lord for having been the recipient of such a wondrous gift. Within two weeks, the first humble house or temple was erected on Tepeyac Hill. Here, the miraculous image of Our Lady of Guadalupe would remain. Word of the apparitions spread and people flocked to see the image of Our Lady.

An incredible list of miracles, cures and interventions are attributed to Her. Yearly, an estimated 10 million visit her Basilica, making her Mexico City home the most popular Marian shrine in the world, and the most visited Catholic church in the world next to the Vatican.
Altogether 24 popes have officially honored Our Lady of Guadalupe. His Holiness John Paul II visited her Sanctuary four times: on his first apostolic trip outside Rome as Pope in 1979, and again in 1990, 1999 and 2002.
The Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe is celebrated on December 12th. In 1999, Pope John Paul II, in his homily from the Solemn Mass at the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe, during his third visit to the sanctuary, declared the date of December the 12th as a Liturgical Holy Day for the whole continent.
During the same visit Pope John Paul II entrusted the cause of life to her loving protection, and placed under her motherly care the innocent lives of children, especially those who are in danger of not being born.


"These apparitions in Guadalupe are fully approved by Archbishop Alonso de Montúfar: 1555"


Our Lady of Guadalupe

" Juan Diego, con cua Me, con di dau do?"

Thanh Diego dap:

" Thua Duc Ba, con dang tren duong di den nha tho o Tlatelolco de du thanh le."


Duc Me Maria phan:

" Con a, con phai biet va phai biet chac chan trong trai tim con rang Me chinh that la Duc Nu Dong Trinh Maria toan thien, Me Thanh Cua Thien Chua that. Qua Chua, moi su duoc sinh ton. Chua la Dang Tao Hoa va la Chu Te cua Thien Dang va Trai Dat. Me mong muon va ao uoc noi day tro nen mot Thanh duong de Me co the to bay va ban tang tinh yeu cua Me, long trac an, su giup do va bao ve cua Me cho tat ca moi nguoi.

Me la Me thuong xot, la Me cua tat ca cac con, nhung ai song hiep nhat noi vung dat nay, va Me cung la Me cua toan the nhan loai, cua nhung ai yeu Me, nhung ai khoc voi Me, nhung ai tim kiem Me, va nhung ai tin tuong noi Me. Tai day, Me se nghe tieng khoc than, noi thong kho, roi Me se chua lanh va lam voi bot su dau kho cua ho, se dap ung nhu cau va an ui truoc su bat hanh cua ho.

De cho y chi cua Me duoc thuc hien, con phai den Toa Giam Muc cua Me Tay Co va noi voi ngai rang Me gui con den de trinh bay uoc muon cua Me la xay mot thanh duong o noi nay. Day la dau hieu ma con phai dem den cho Duc Giam Muc. Nhan danh Me, con hay noi voi ngai. Voi dau hieu nay, ngai se thay va nhan ra uoc muon cua Me, va ngai phai lam dieu ma Me xin. Con la mot dai su dang de Me tin cay. Me dan con hay can than va chi mo mieng noi khi co su hien dien cua Duc Giam muc, va con phai cho ngai biet con dang mang gi. Con hay ke cho ngai nghe rang Me da bao con leo len dinh doi de hai hoa. Con cung ke cho ngai nghe nhung gi ma con thay, de roi con se thuyet phuc Duc Giam Muc va ngai se cho xay ngoi thanh duong nhu Me doi hoi."

(Kim Ha, 21/6/04)

Hŕnh Hương Đức Mẹ Guadalupe, Mexico

Kim Hŕ tường thuật

Nhom chung toi gom co 32 nguoi ,trong do co linh muc Pham Quoc Hung linh huong, con 31 giao dan tu khap noi den. Chung toi di tu tuc, thue khach san va thue huong dan vien du lich. Khach san cho an sang, con buoi trua va chieu thi tu tuc. Chung toi bat dau di tu ngay 10/10/03, tro ve My ngay 13/10/03.

Phai doan di may bay chi mat co 3 tieng dong ho bay, nhung vi o Mexico City di truoc Los Angeles 2 tieng nen di tu trua ma chieu toi moi den. Vua den noi, chung toi duoc huong dan vien du lich don va dua len xe bus den thang Vuong Cung Thanh Duong cua Duc Me Guadalupe.


Vuong cung Thanh Duong Duc Me Guadalupe tao lac ngay tai vung Tepeyac, noi ma Duc Me that su hien ra voi thanh Juan Diego vao thang 12 nam 1531.

Vuong Cung Thanh Duong moi nay duoc khanh thanh vao ngay 13 thang 12 nam 1976. Ben canh la Vuong cung Thanh Duong cu da duoc xay vao the ky 16, ngay khi Me vua hien ra. Ngoi Thanh Duong cu nay dang bi lun sau, nen nguoi ta phai dung day sat cot chat cac cot da lai. O day co chau Thanh The 24 gio moi ngay. Canh hai ngoi thanh duong nay la nha cua cac tu si Dong Phanxico, tiep theo la nhieu ngoi nha, trong do la mot nha nguyen co chiec gieng. Day la noi Me hien ra voi Thanh Diego.

Tren dinh nui trong khuon vien Vuong Cung Thanh Duong la mot nha nguyen nho, noi ma Thanh Diego vi nghe loi Me day nen leo len nui va tim duoc hoa hong o do. Ngai da hai hoa dem ve dang len vi Giam muc so tai. Cung o tren dinh nui ay, co mot chiec mo neo cua cac thuy thu song sot sau mot tran bao, da dem gan mo neo cung nhung gi con sot lai cua chiec tau thuy de to long cam on Duc Me Guadalupe da nham loi cau xin ma cuu ho trong con bao to.

Ngoai ra, con co mot ngon suoi nhan tao, noi day co mot tuong Duc Me Guadalupe lon, va co khoang 17 hinh tuong cua tho dan lu luot keo den tham vieng Me. That la mot canh tuong cam dong vo cung. Vuon co co hoa ruc ro trong rat dep mat. O day cung co mot khu ban vat ky niem de khach hanh huong den mua ban.

Phia truoc cua khu Vuong Cung thanh Duong la noi ma nguoi ta dot nen nghi ngut. Ngoai vong rao la ca mot khu pho nhon nhip ban hinh tuong Cong giao.

Con duong chinh o Vuong Cung Thanh Duong co ten la Mysterio, co nghia la Mau Nhiem. Tren con duong pho nhon nhip nay co 15 noi co hinh anh cua 15 mau nhiem cua Nam Su Vui, Nam Su Thuong va Nam Su Mung. Dieu nay noi len su sung kinh Duc Me Maria va chuoi kinh Man coi cua dan dia phuong.

Ngoi thanh duong that rong rai va dep de. Mot dieu dac biet la noi day co treo chiec ao Tilma cua thanh Juan Diego ma Duc Me da hien hinh tren ao do. Bay gio ao duoc long kinh, treo tren cao.

Truoc tam hinh Me co ba chiec thang cuon, di qua, di lai. Moi nguoi khi di ngang qua buc hinh cua Me thi deu cui dau de cau nguyen va ton vinh Me. Day la mot phep la roi. Chiec ao cua mot nguoi tho dan nhu thanh Juan Diego chi co the ton tai khoang 20 nam la rach thoi. The ma buc hinh trong ao Tilma nay da duoc la 472 nam roi (1531 den 2003) ma van con moi nhu thuong. Buc hinh Duc Me Guadalupe da lam nhieu phep la chua lanh.

Sau do, cha Hung da dang thanh le cho nhom chung toi, mac du o chinh dien, co linh muc giang tieng Me va co tieng nhac ron rang. Trong Thanh le nay, chi Tam Hue vi bi chia tri boi khung canh va am thanh chung quanh, nen chi cau nguyen bang tieng la. Chi nhin thay chinh Chua Giesu mac ao trang dang dang thanh le chu khong con la cha Hung nua.


Sang hom sau 11/10/03, chung toi di vieng nha tho Chanh Toa cua thanh pho Mexico City. Ngoi nha tho nay duoc xay cat tu the ky thu 16. Day la ngoi thanh duong lau doi nhat o Chau My. Hien nay, ngoi nha tho bi lun sau, nen nguoi ta phai dung day sat de buoc chung quanh cac cot nha tho de khoi sap.

Vi hong y Roberto Riviera cung la vi tong giam muc cua giao phan Mexico City la nguoi co trien vong duoc bau lam vi Giao Hoang trong tuong lai. Duong kim Giao Hoang da de tham vieng Me Tay Co 5 lan. Do la dieu hanh dien cua nguoi Me Tay Co. Nguoi Cong giao chiem tu 85% den 95% dan so.

Nha tho nay lon va dep, co 3 ban tho chinh va 14 nha nguyen nho o hai ben trai va phai.

Trong so 14 nha nguyen nay co mot nha nguyen de kinh Long Thuong xot Chua, voi Thanh Nu Faustina. Noi day co de tuong cua Thanh Nu Rita, la quan thay cua cac ba me. Ngoai ra con co tuong cua Thanh Ramon, co hong y, nguoi ta xin Ngai khoa mieng ho lai de khoi noi xau, noi tuc, va de ho duoc giu long trong sach. Ben canh tuong co nhung o khoa nho ma khach hanh huong de lai de ta on Ngai.

Ngoai ra co mot nha nguyen de kinh cac vi thien than, trong do co cac Tong Lanh Thien Than Micael, TLTT Gabriel va TLTT Rafael. Nhom chung toi dang thanh le tai nha nguyen nay. Khung canh that trang nghiem.

Co mot nha nguyen de ton kinh Duc Me Guadalupe, co tuong cua Thanh Juan Diego quy voi chiec ao Tilma in hinh Duc Me Guadalupe, trong dep nhu moi.

Co cac nha nguyen de ton kinh cac thanh, trong do co thanh Philip cua Chua Giesu. Thanh Philip di truyen giao den Nhat ban thi tau bi hu hai. Vi hoang de nuoc nay truyen dong dinh cac tu si. Thanh Philip nghi rang minh khong xung dang de bi dong dinh nhu Chua Giesu nen ngai xin bi xu tu bang cach nguoi ta ban ten vao ngai. Sau do, ngai bi nhieu mui ten ban vao nguoi va tu dao.

Trong nha tho co nhieu buc hoa mo ta lai cac Mau nhiem cua chuoi kinh Man coi. Giua nha tho co mot chiec dan organ lon gom co 650 ong sat de phat am tieng dan. Can phai co 4 nguoi moi co the choi chiec dan nay duoc.

Nha tho trang hoang rat dep de va uy nghi. Cac vi giam muc duoc chon cat o trong nen nha tho. Vi Giam muc dau tien duoc chon cat la GM Juan Zumarraga, ngai la vi giam muc duoc thay phep la cua Duc Me Guadalupe. Viec Duc Me lam phep la noi ao choang cua Thanh Juan Diego xay ra vao ngay 12 thang 12 nam 1531.


"Con hay biet chac chan rang Me la Duc Nu Dong Trinh Maria ven tuyen va vinh vien. Me la Me cua Thien Chua that…Tai day, Me se chi cho cac con thay tat ca tinh yeu, long trac an, su cuu giup va che cho cua Me doi voi tat ca cac con.

Me la Me thuong xot, Me cua nhung ai yeu Me, cua nhung ai khoc voi Me, cua nhung ai co long trong cay noi Me. Tai day, Me se nghe tieng khoc va noi thong kho, cac nhu cau va su kho khan cua cac con…

Con hay lang nghe va de loi noi cua Me tham thau trai tim cua con. Dung lo lang va buon phien. Dung so nhung con binh, lo au hay su dau don. Me den day chang phai la Me cua con sao? Con chang phai dang o duoi bong mat cua Me va su che cho cua Me sao? Me chang phai la nguon song cua con sao? Con chang o trong ao choang cua Me sao? Con chang phai o trong vong tay cua Me sao? Vay thi con con can gi nua?"


Duc Me Guadalupe da mac khai cho nhan loai hieu duoc y nghia cua buc hinh Duc Me Guadalupe. Qua hinh anh ma chung toi suu tam, ta co the hieu ro buc minh hoa chi ro 19 diem lien quan den cac hinh ve tren ao Me. Xin duoc trinh bay theo thu tu nhu sau:

1. Tren tran Me la hinh anh cua Chua Thanh Than.

2. Hinh anh Vua David, cung la mot vi tien tri, o vi tri noi dau cua Me.

3. Vua Salomon, o vi tri vai trai cua Me.

4. Hinh anh Hang da, noi Chua Giesu Hai Dong nam trong mang co, co cac bo lua va chien. Ma o nuc cua Me, gan ban tay chap lai.

5. Thanh gia, hang Belem va cac song mang ten Nuoc Song Lai, o tren tay ao Me, phia ben phai.

6. Tren co ao Me co mang mot dau Thanh gia, do la dau cuu do.

7. La co chao Chua Giesu, co tay ao phia ben phai.

8. To phu Abraham, canh tay o phia ben trai.

9. Giua hai ban tay chap lai cua Me la chiec chia khoa de cho chung ta vao Thien Dang.

10. Noi bung Me, duoi that lung Me la hinh hoa Huong duong. Nguoi da do Me (Aztecs) goi do la dau hieu cua Than Mat Troi. Phan ron cua Me la trai tim cua Thien Dang.

11. Nep gap cua ao Me o phan dui, la chu Luz, co nghia la anh sang.

12. Mo cua Chua Giesu, nam phia dui ben phai cua Me.

13. Tien Tri Daniel., nam gan mo cua Chua Giesu.

14. Sach Hang Song, Thanh Kinh Cuu Uoc va Tan Uoc, duoc mo rong, o vi tri tren dau Thien Than, duoi chan Me.

15. Hinh anh Chua Giesu dang chuc lanh Banh Thanh, nam o vi tri giay cua Me. Noi co cung co hinh anh Chua Giesu duoc Duc Me dang noi den Thanh.

16. Chua Giesu dang trong con lo buon o Nui Thanh Olive. Vi tri noi tay mat cua Thien Than, duoi chan Me.

17. Juda va khuon mat cua ma quy (hai khuon mat). Tay Juda con cam tui tien. Chua Giesu dau don vi chung ta ham me tien bac va ham me thoai mai. Vi tri nay o gan canh tay ben trai cua thien than, duoi chan Me.

18. Canh cua Thien Than co mau sac cua nuoc Me Tay Co. Ngai co khuon mat cua tre tho, nhung tran cua ngai la tran cua nguoi lon. Dieu nay cho chung ta biet rang chi co ai co tam long tre tho moi duoc vao Thien Dang. Vi tri o duoit chan Me.

19. Mat trang luoi liem mau den tuong trung cho su sai lam, kieu ngao va ich ky cua chung ta. Cac tinh xau nay se bien mat, khi chung ta chap nhan Duc Me , va chap nhan thanh Y Chua voi tinh yeu.


Nam 1531: Ngay 9 thang 12: Duc Me hien ra lan thu nhat va lan thu hai voi Thanh Juan Diego tai Tepeyac.

Nam 1531: Ngay 10 thang 12: Duc Me hien ra lan thu ba voi thanh Juan Diego tai Tepeyac.

Nam 1531: Duc Me hien ra lan thu bon tai Tepeyac, Me tao ra mot hinh anh la lung noi ao cua Thanh Juan Diego, truoc su hien dien cua Duc Giam Muc Zumarraga. Dong thoi, Duc Me hien ra voi nguoi chu cua Thanh Diego la ong Juan Bernardino o vung Tolpetlac, va Me chua lanh cho ong khoi binh nan y.

Nam 1531: Thang 12: Hinh anh cua Duc Me duoc dat o nha nguyen rieng cua Duc Giam Muc, noi do hang ngan nguoi Aztecs den kinh vieng. Mot cung thanh nho duoc hoan thanh tai Tepeyac.

Nam 1531: Ngay 26 thang 12: Mot cuoc ruoc kieu hinh anh cua Duc Me duoc dien hanh tu Thanh Pho Mexico City den vung Tepeyac. Luc ay, co mot nguoi Me Tay Co da chet vi bi ten ban vao nguoi. Khi anh Me di qua, anh ta duoc song lai.

Nam 1533: Mot nha nguyen lon hon duoc xay dung o Tepeyac de chung bay anh Me.

Nam 1539: Mot cuoc hoan cai lon lao nhat xay ra: 8 trieu nguoi Aztecs tro nen nguoi Cong giao, do ket qua cua buc anh Duc Me Guadalupe.

Nam 1544: Ngay 15 thang 5: nguoi chu ten Juan Bernardino, qua doi khi duoc 84 tuoi, o vung Tolpetlac.

Nam 1544: Cac tre em di hanh huong toi Tepeyac ngay lap tuc. Do la vi da co mot nan dich xay ra va giet chet 12 ngan nguoi tai thanh pho Mexico City.

Nam 1545: Ong Don Antonio Valeriano, biet bai tuong thuat ve su kien Duc Me Guadalupe hie nra tren to bao Nican Mopohua.

Nam 1548: Thanh Juan Diego qua doi, huong tho 74 tuoi, tai Tepeyac.

Nam 1556: Mot nha nguyen thu ba duoc xay dung o Tepeyac, boi Duc Cha D. Alonso de Montufar, vi Tong Giam Muc thu hai cua Me Tay Co.

Nam 1557: Vi Tong Giam muc cua Me Tay Co chinh thuc cong nhan su that ve viec Duc Me hien ra.

Nam 1570: Mot buc hoa ve Duc Me Guadalupe duco gui cho vu Phillip Il cua nuoc Tay Ban Nha, dau nay da dong mot vai tro quan trong trong cuoc chien Lepanto.

Nam 1629: Mot tran lut khung khiep xay ra o Me Tay Co, lam 30 ngan dan cu o Mexico City chet duoi. Buc anh cua Duc Me Guadalupe duoc ruoc di bang thuyen va o trong Vuong Cung Thanh Duong cho den khi nuoc rut di.

Nam 1634: ngay 14 thang 5: Buc anh linh thieng Duc Me duoc gui ve lai Tepeyac bang mot cuoc ruoc kieu linh dinh de ta on Me vi tran lut da cham dut.

Nam 1709: Thang 4: Mot Vuong Cung Thanh Duong Duc Me Guadalupe duoc cung hien tai Tepeyac.

Nam 1736: Nuoc Me Tay Co bi nan dich, chet 7 tram ngan nguoi.

Nam 1737: Ngay 27 thang 4: Nan dich cham dut khi Duc Me Guadalupe duoc tuyen xung la Thanh Bon Mang cua nuoc Me Tay Co. Ngay 12 thang 12 hang nam duoc tuyen bo la ngay le thieng lieng va la ngay nghi lam viec.

Nam 1754: O Roma, Thanh bo Nghi le da ra tuyen ngon cho phep lap van phong va thanh le ton kinh Duc Me Guadalupe.

Nam 1754: 24 thang 5, Duc Giao Hoang Benedict XIV ky mot sac lenh chap nhan Duc Me Guadalupe a Quan Thay cua nuoc Me Tay Co. Ngai con trich dan Thanh Vinh 147 nhu sau: " Ngai khong lam viec giong nhu vay o moi quoc gia."

Nam 1756: Mot cuoc khao sat ky cang buc hinh Duc Me Guadalupe boi hoa su noi tieng Miguel Cabrera va cac hoa si khac. Moi nguoi deu ket luan rang khong ai co the bat chuoc de hoa buc hinh nay cach hoan hao nhu buc hinh nguyen thuy.

Nam 1777: Cong trinh xay dung nha nguyen co chiec gieng o Tepeyac, noi ma Duc Me Maria hien ra voi thanh Juan Diego. Nha nguyen nay o phi dong cua cong truong.

Nam 1791: Buc hinh thanh thieng nay co phep la giu gin khoi moi su hu hong khi chat acid nitric, thuong dung de chui cac khung anh bang vang hay bac, rui ro do tren buc hinh nay, nhung roi chi de lai mot dau nuoc ma thoi.

Nam 1802: Mot nha nguyen duoc xay dung o vung Cuauhtitlan, noi sinh cua Thanh Juan Diego.

Nam 1821: Cuoi cuoc chien tranh doi doc lap cua Me tay Co, Hoang de Augustin de Iturbide da tin thac quoc gia moi nay cho su che cho cua Duc Me Guadalupe.

Nam 1890: Sua chua lai Vuong Cung Thang Duong Duc Me Guadalupe.

Nam 1894: Duc GH Leo Xlll chap nhan Van phong va Thanh le mung kinh Duc Me Guadalupe.

Nam 1895: Ngay 12 thang 10, DGH Leo Xlll cho phep dat vuong mien len buc hinh Duc Me Guadalupe.

Nam 1910: 24 thang 8: Duc Me Guadalupe duoc DGH Pio X tuyen xung la Quan Thay cua Chau My La Tinh.

Nam 1921: Ngay 14 thang 11: Mot phep la che cho cho buc hinh khi trai bom do luc luong chong doi chinh phu dat, da no tung ngay duoi tam hinh nhung khong he lam be kieng.

Nam 1929: Ong Alfonso Marcue Gonzalez kham pha ra hinh anh cua mot nguoi nam trong doi mat cua buc hinh Duc Me Guadalupe. Su kham pha cua ong ta khong duoc in ra cho den nam 1960, khi duoc giao quyen cho phep.

Nam 1933: ngay 12 thang 12: Mot thanh le trang trong duoc cu hanh tai Den thanh Phero, o Roma, voi su hien dien cua DGH Pio Xl. Ngai cung lap lai loi tuyen xung cua DGH Pio X la ton kinh Duc Me Guadalupe la Quan Thay cua Chau My La Tinh.

Nam 1945: Ngay 12 thang 12: DGH Pio Xll to chuc ky niem 50 nam ma Buc Hinh Duc Me Guadalupe duoc doi vuong mien. Ngai noi chuyen voi dan chung Me Tay Coi qua dai phat thanh.

Nam 1946: Cac nha dieu tra ket luan rang buc hinh Duc Me Guadalupe la su that, vi khong ai co the ve ra hay son hinh Duc Me duoc.

Nam 1951: Ong Carlos Salinas kham nghiem doi mat cua buc hinh Me va nhin thay hinh anh nguoi ta trong mat Me.

Nam 1955: Mot cau be o vung Tolpetlac kham pha ra cay thanh gia bang da danh dau noi ma Thanh Juan Diego tim thay nguoi chu dang hap hoi.

Nam 1955: Ngay 11 thang 12: Dai phat thanh cong bo rang hinh anh nguoi nam trong doi mat Me chinh la Thanh Juan Diego.

Nam 1962: Bac si Nhan khoa va ba Charles J. Wahlig, o Nuu Uoc, da kham pha ra hai hinh anh khac noi doi mat cua buc hinh Me, sau khi ho da phong lon ra gap 25 lan. Bac sy Wahlig chung minh mot cach khoa hoc rang nguoi ta co the tim thay cac hinh anh trong doi mat con nguoi bang cach chup hinh.

Nam 1966: 31 thang 5: DGH Phaolo VI gui mot doa hoa hong bang vang den Vuong Cung Thanh Duong cua Duc Me Guadalupe.

Nam 1975: Di chuyen buc hinh Duc Me Guadalupe tu Vuong Cung Thanh Duong cu, dang bi lun sau, sang mot Vuong Cung Thanh Duong moi xay, o ben canh.

Nam 1979: Thang 1: DGH Gioan Phaolo II den tham vieng den thanh Duc Me Guadalupe. Ngai la vi Giao Hoang dau tien den tham vieng Me Guadalupe.

Nam 1979: Thang 5: Hai nha khoa hoc gia nguoi My da dung quang tuyen de kham nghiem buc hinh. Cac bao cao cua ho xac nhan tinh cach sieu nhien cua buc hinh.

Nam 1981: 450 ky niem ngay Duc Me hien ra: toan quoc Me Tay Co lien hoan.

Duc Me Guadalupe la quan thay cua Me Tay co, cua Chau My La Tinh va ca Chau My. Me cung duoc biet den voi tuoc hieu Duc Me Bao Ve Cac Thai Nhi. Me la niem trong cay va tinh yeu cua toan the chau My, trong do co nuoc Hoa Ky. Tuy nhien, mot so lon tin huu VN chua cam thay gan gui voi Me Guadalupe.

Thanh Duong Duc Me Guadalupe o rat gan California, chi cach co 3 gio bay thoi. Mong rang moi nguoi deu co the den vieng tham Me mot lan de cam nghiem tinh yeu Me danh cho con cai cua Me o tran gian, nhat la doi voi cac con ngheo nan va dau kho.

(Kim Hŕ, 18/11/03)

Tuần Cửu Nhật Kính Dâng Đức Mẹ Guadalupe (Mễ Tây Cơ)

Kim Hŕ chuyển ngữ từ childrenofmedjugorje.com

Lay Duc Nu Dong Trinh Vo Nhiem va Hang Cuu Giup Guadalupe,
Me da hien ra tren nui Tepeyac de hoa giai nhan loai va Thien Chua.
Hom nay, xin Me nai xin va cau bau voi Con cua Me la Chua Giesu,
De Ngai giup chung con xay dung mot Tinh Yeu Thanh Thien
Giua nhan loai va Thien Chua.

Me da in khac hinh anh Me tren ao cua Thanh Juan Diego,
Me da su dung mot dung cu khiem nhuong,
De dem on lanh cua Me xuong cho the gioi.

Lay Me than yeu, xin Me hay in vao trai tim chung con,
Duc tinh khiem nhuong va ban tinh nhan loai,
Xin Me su dung chung con de dua tha nhan,
Ve voi Chua Giesu, Con Me.

Hinh anh Duc Me Guadalupe la cau chuyen tuong trung ve nguoi Mễ da đỏ,
Me da bien doi ho tu nguoi tho ngau tuong de tro nen nguoi Cong giao.
Lay Me than yeu, xin Me cau bau cho chung con,
De doi song chung con tro nen bieu tuong cua Tinh Yeu Thanh thien,
Nho do, chung con cai hoa nhung nguoi chung quanh.

Me tuyen xung Me la Me va la Dang bao ve chung con,
Khi Me hien ra tai nui Tepeyac.
Xin Me hay dua chung con vao an nau
Trong Mau Tam Tu Ai cua Me.
Xin Me bao ve duc tin cua chung con.

Lay Me Guadalupe,
Xin cau bau cho chung con. Amen.

(Ngay Le Kinh Duc Me Guadalupe, 12/12/03)

Lời Nguyện Dâng Đức Mẹ Guadalupe
do ĐGH Gioan Phaolô II viết

Kim Hŕ chuyển ngữ từ childrenofmedjugorje.com

Lay Duc Nu Dong Trinh Guadalupe, Me cua toan the Chau My,
Xin Me ban cho gia dinh chung con on biet thuong yeu,
va kinh trong su song ngay tu khi bat dau thu thai.
Giong nhu tinh yeu ma Me mang trong Cung Long,
Khi Me thu thai va tao su song cho Con Thien Chua.

Lay Duc Nu Dong Trinh Maria, Me cua tinh yeu thuong,
Xin Me bao ve gia dinh chung con,
De gia dinh chung con luon hiep nhat,
Xin Me chuc lanh khi chung con nuoi duong con cai chung con.

Chung con cau xin Me ban cho chung con mot tinh yeu men,
Cac phep bi tich Thanh, vi do la dau hieu ma Chua Giesu, Con Me
Da de lai cho chung con tren trai dat nay.

Lay Duc Me Thanh Thien,
Voi su binh an cua Thien Chua noi luong tam chung con,
Xin cho trai tim chung con duoc thoat khoi su doc ac va han thu.
Xin cho chung con co the dem den tat ca moi nguoi,
Mot niem vui chan thanh, va niem binh an that su,

Den tu Con cua Me la Chua Giesu Kito,
Cung la Chua cua chung con.
Ngai cung voi Chua Cha va Chua Thanh Than,
Song va tri vi muon doi. Amen.

Prayer to Our Lady of Guadalupe, by Pope John Paul II

Virgin of Guadalupe, Mother of the Americas,
grant to our homes the grace of loving and
respecting life in it's beginnings,
with the same love which you conceived in your womb
the life of the Son of God.

Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of Fair Love,
protect our families,
so that they may always be united,
and bless the upbringing of our children.

We beg you grant us a great love for all the holy sacraments,
which are as it were, the signs that your Son left us on earth.

Thus, most Holy Mother, with the peace of God in our conscience,
with our hearts free from evil and hatred,
we will be able to bring to all true joy and true peace,
which come to us from your Son, our Lord Jesus Christ,
who with God the Father and the Holy spirit, lives
and reigns forever and ever. Amen.

(Ngay Le Kinh Duc Me Guadalupe, 12/12/03)